Uses For Vinyl Caps

Let our wide array of different Vinyl Caps make a world of difference in making your everyday life both safer and easier. Vinyl caps come in a variety of sizes and shapes for a multitude of uses. Vinyl Caps can be used by everyday consumers and businesses alike. Discover the many great uses of Harman Corps Vinyl Caps!

Vinyl Caps At Home

  • Use our handy vinyl caps for protection from dust, moisture on open ends found on furniture, toys and machinery
  • Create a good grip on items such as garden tools and kitchen utensils and more. You can can even use the solely for a more clean and fun look
  • Cover sharp edges of outdoor tables, workspaces and any other rough edge objects with vinyl corner caps to prevent injury or damage

Vinyl Caps On The Job

  • PVC Caps provide protection in the workplace, because they securely push onto any protruding screws, bolts or rods

Vinyl Caps In Product Development

  • Vinyl caps have limitless uses in product development, but one of the most popular uses is on the bottom of chair legs to prevent the legs from scraping floors. All in all, our plastic vinyl caps for ideal various reasons, including manufacturing, workplace safety and machinery upkeep. Find your preferred custom vinyl cap from Harman Corp today!