Uses Of Plastic Caps

Plastic caps may be small, but they make a huge difference in making our everyday lives both safer and easier. Harman’s selection of plastic vinyl caps come in a variety of sizes and shapes for a multitude of uses. Plastic Caps can be used by everyday consumers and businesses alike.

Multiple Uses

Multi-use plastic caps can be used for general protection from dust, moisture, and other debris, along with specific uses for items that need custom caps like garden tools and patio furniture. You can create a finished look to many items.

Cover sharp edges of outdoor tables, workspaces and any other rough edge objects with plastic corner cover caps to prevent scratches and scrapes. Any of our round,square, or rectangular plastic caps can be fitted on children's toys, to protect them from rough edges.

Our custom vinyl caps can also be added to household tools and appliances to give the user a better grip when in use. Round Hanger caps fit tightly around items such as tools, sporting goods, brooms, and kitchen tools.

See all uses of Plastic Caps for Home & Garden here.

Business Use

While the uses of plastic caps are endless, businesses can utilize plastic caps for various reasons, including manufacturing, workplace safety and much more.

Harman Corp. can customize your cap order to give you the proper plastic caps for any job. Plastic vinyl caps come in a variety of custom colors , shapes and sizes to meet your company's manufacturing needs. Choose round, square, or rectangular caps to protect your employees from sharp edges and surfaces on any size equipment.

Shipping some vital inventory? Our Anti-Roll Caps are ideal when shipping fragile or expensive inventory across the country. Use these in conjection with any clear PETG tubing for an attractive appearance.