Uses Of Vinyl Custom Grips

Harman Corporation has been making custom Plastic Grips for a variety of uses over the years. The amount of uses our custom grips have been created for would almost be impossible to figure out, because our customers have used in them numerous ways in nearly every industry!

Whether you’re shopping for manufacturing purposes, at home use or workplace reasons, our custom vinyl grips will be the most cost effective and durable choice!

Some of our most popular grips have a variety of uses:

  • Hanger Grips offer an opening at the end, giving users the ability to hang whatever item you apply them to. These convenient plastic grips commonly used on household tools, such as brooms, shovels, and even kitchen items.
  • Finger Grabber Grips offer an ergonomic design that can ensure a tight hold and absorb shock during constant use

No matter Harman Corporation will make any custom designed grips you may need. Select your preferred color, size, and what logo you would like on the grip . You can trust Harman Corporation, with years of experience and expertise, to quickly prototype your custom design.