Using Rectangular Tubing Plugs

There are many uses for Rectangular Tubing Plugs. Rectangular Tubing Plugs can be used in the office, in the home or in any industrial setting. Rectangular Tubing Plugs can quickly be installed and will always stay in place. Our rectangular tubing plugs are made to prevent moisture and debris from getting into the tubing and damaging the fixture.

At home, these Rectangular Tubing Plugs add lasting protection against minor injuries such as cuts and scrapes by plugging rectangular tubing ends in seconds. At work, you can limit potential injuries or accidents around the house due to exposed metal or rough edges. While most office furniture today already includes a tube plug, it is not uncommon for these plugs to break and fall off.

No matter your location, our rectangular tubing plugs offer a solution for shelving, lighting, fixtures, storage, and many more items you'll find that feature rectangular tubing.

LDPE Rectangular Tubing Plugs from Harman Corporation feature unique "ribs" which are made to grip right to the inside of the rectangular tubes and provide lasting protection. Rectangular Tubing Plugs from the Harman Corporation are made to last and will look great anywhere they are used.