Versatility Of Plastic Caps

Harman Corp.'s versatile plastic caps can be used for a variety of applications. Whether you need plastic caps for at home use or plastic caps for your industry needs, we’ll create the perfect plastic caps for you. Each of our plastic caps is made with certain functions in mind, but have many options and new uses being found everyday. Bottom line, plastic caps are extremely multi-functional.

One of most popular plastic cap products is our round plastic caps. Round plastic caps can be used for toys, handles or lawn tools to create a protective, finished look and add comfort.

Our square plastic caps are commonly used for sealing the ends of square poles, such as patio furniture for prevention of dirt build up inside square tubes and preventing scratched floors.

Our round grab tab plastic caps work well as paint masks that are used to cover items during finishing operations such as high temp painting and powder coating when mfg’d in our High-Temperature PVC

If you're shipping or storing tube shapes materials, our anti-roll caps are best used when shipping items where rolling may cause damage.

Plastic caps have so many uses, you're bound to find the perfect solution for your need. We’re sure you’ll find a great use for any one of our plastic caps offered here. Harman Corp. even offers free plastic cap samples so you can test and see the quality of our product. Contact us today for a sample, by phone, online or email.