Vinyl Cap Applications

Vinyl Caps have several different applications. Whether you are looking for vinyl caps to fulfill a need at home or workplace use, you'll find it here at Harman Corporation. Vinyl Caps are made for specific uses but are versatile and multi-functional at the same time.

  • Our Round Caps are most commonly used for toys or lawn tools to create a protective, finished look
  • Square Vinyl Caps work are perfect for the ends of square poles, such as patio furniture, and can be covered with square caps and grips to prevent rough edges from causing harm
  • Round Grab Tabs work well as paint masks that are used to cover items during finishing operations like painting and powder coating
  • Anti-Roll Caps are best used when shipping items where rolling may cause damage

Vinyl Caps have many more great uses beyond the handful mentioned here, so if you have a need, Harman Corporation has the right vinyl cap to take care of it. Order your vinyl caps today!