What Are Corner Cover Caps?

Our Vinyl Plastic Corner Covers are flexible but are tough, durable corner protectors. These affordable plastic corner covers will grip corners just like a glove for a sure fit. These handy caps provide safer surroundings when attached to hundreds of items around the house or office.

The main use of our Corner Cover Caps is protecting end goods, while in transit. Whether you’re shipping tables, glass, framed pictures, signage, or anything with sharp corners our Corner Cover Caps will ensure they make it to the end buyer safe and sound.

Our Corner Cover Caps are available in an assortment of vibrant and attractive colors, making sure you’ll get just what you wanted at Harman Corporation. Finally, you can stop worrying about damaging your furniture, in use or during transit. Harman Corporation provides these quality made corner cover caps to prevent harm and keep your valuable amenities safe.