About Hex Vinyl Caps

Get quality now. Harman Corporation offers functional and handy Hex Vinyl Caps. Our Hex Vinyl Caps are durable and long lasting, made with true quality. Great for applications with hexagonal protrusions or openings. Hex Vinyl Caps can be the perfect application for your current or future projects. Even choose your desired size and color to meet your exact requirements. Hex Vinyl Caps are uniquely designed Plastic Caps with Hexagonal ends. Great for applications such as masking off threaded studs or protrusions with six sides. Harman Corps Hex Vinyl Caps are the perfect addition to add protection and a finished look to your tools and objects. Choose the right size Hex Vinyl Caps by specifying your desired length and color. Even add your logo or text to the finished Plastic Hex Vinyl Cap. These smartly designed Hex Vinyl Caps will ensure safety, protection, and a clean finished look for your projects.

Uses For Hex Vinyl Caps

Harman Corporation offers quality made Hex Vinyl Caps for various uses. These Hex Vinyl Caps will offer safety from protrusions as well as give a smooth finish. You can trust our Hex Vinyl Caps to stay put, and application is easy. Discover all the great functions that Hex Vinyl Caps can be used for in your home or workplace. You can use Hex Vinyl Caps for many different purposes. Harman Corporation offers these high quality vinyl caps to protect your belongings and help make projects easier. Great for a more finished look to your items. Also great to protect nuts and bolts. Our Hex Vinyl Caps feature six sides for protrusions and openings that are hexagonal. Application and removal of Hex Vinyl Caps is easy and hassle free. Harman Corporations Hex Vinyl Caps are the perfect solution, perfect to use for a variety of projects. Hex Vinyl Caps will securely fasten to any size bolt, capping off the protrusion. Trust Harman Corporation to deliver you durable high quality Hex Vinyl Caps.