Vinyl Product Information

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/about-hex-vinyl-caps/ Hex Vinyl Caps will offer safety from protrusions as well as give a smooth finish. You can trust our Hex Vinyl Caps to stay put, and application is easy. Hex Vinyl Caps will securely fasten to any size bolt, capping off the protrusion.
/about-round-plastic-caps/ Round plastic caps will provide extra comfort to your tools like shovels, brooms and even hoses, making them easier to handle and more enjoyable to use.  They will also prevent dust and debris from getting into the ends
/about-sustainable-vinyl-products/ 100% of our non-prime product is recyclable. Harman Corp. is proud to be a participant in post industrial recycling. We don't fill landfills with raw material. Instead, we sell our vinyl so it can be remade into new usable products.
/about-vinyl-bellows/ Vinyl bellows will help protect humans and animals from accidental contact with linkage and assemblies by locking out water, dust, acids, and chemicals.
/vinyl-pvc-makes-living-affordable/ Vinyl products have truly made life more affordable and helped in saving America money and many resources.