About Round Plastic Caps

Find the right size plastic cap to fit on your tools and you'll see that the difference is night and day. Round plastic caps will provide extra comfort to your tools like shovels, brooms and even hoses, making them easier to handle and more enjoyable to use. Custom graphics such as your company's logo or tagline can be pressed onto the round plastic caps too. Sizing for round plastic caps starts at .250" up to 2" in length, though we are able to produce custom sizes at request. Plastic caps can sometimes go unnoticed, though when they are missing it can be vital to find a replacement. Round plastic caps will prevent dust and debris from getting into the ends of household items like towel holders, toilet paper holders, levers, and other round rough edges. The act of cutting pipes or tubes is no longer problematic with our round plastic caps; just secure a cap onto any end that has sharp edges to prevent any injuries or occurrences. Now, what do you have in your house that could use a round plastic cap?

Benefits Of Round Plastic Caps

Round plastic caps be an important safety precaution in households with one or more small children. Apply a round plastic cap to any round edge that feels rough or is unfinished to ensure that no injuries occur. Round caps will fit securely around handles, pipe ends, even kids' toys. Round plastic caps can be custom imprinted with graphics such as a logo, company name, or message. This is great for any business that wishes to pay close attention to detail. Use this customization option to help identify objects, their uses, or to claim ownership. Once secured, the security these small round plastic caps provide is astounding. Often times, plastic caps are overlooked, but when they turn up missing, it can become vital for a business to find a good-fitting replacement. If you're looking for unusually shaped round caps, you've come to the right place. The Harman Corporation can custom size round plastic caps for your company's specific needs.

Features Of Vinyl Bellows

Discover superior made vinyl bellows right here at Harman Corp. Vinyl bellows can be used in a variety of ways, one of the more common uses is for ease and compression movement on the shift stick in cars and trucks. Just specify your exact measurements and vinyl thickness and we'll create your much needed vinyl bellows! Accommodate a wide range of motion, compression and extension with durable vinyl bellows from Harman Corp. Vinyl bellows will help in the protection against grease, oil, dust, water, acids, and other various contaminants. Vinyl bellows will also keep you safe from splatters and pressure. Harman Corp. will create custom flexible bellows for your needs and specifications. Shop for your superior dip molded vinyl bellows. You also have the option to add custom breather holes, helpful with preventing too much pressure. With vinyl bellows you can connect your assembly more efficiently.