Vinyl PVC Makes Living Affordable

Vinyl has helped reduce many costs in a variety of industries. Harman Corp. proudly creates affordable and helpful vinyl caps, plugs and grips. Vinyl, which is made from chlorine and ethylene along with other additives is extremely versatile. Taking on many different product types because it can be flexible or rigid, thick or thin, colorful or transparent, the possibilities are numerous. Vinyl products have truly made life more affordable and helped in saving America money and many resources. Harman Corp. manufactures vinyl products and is proud to do so because of all the great benefits that come along with this very inexpensive and durable product. Vinyl is less expensive than many competitive materials because it is one of the world's most widely produced, highest volume resins and because more than half of the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) molecule (Chlorine) is derived from sea water.

Vinyl is used in a various ways in our lives to reduce living costs and help us all save money and valuable resources. Vinyl is widely used as roofing, dramatically reducing heating and cooling costs. Vinyl is also a big player in the health care system, used for IV bags, tubes and other life saving tools. Vinyl is also manufactured as leak proof pipes, automobile parts (for lighter weight and fuel efficiency) as well as preserving food in the form of vinyl packaging. Harman Corp. trusts that vinyl will continue to help make life more affordable and sustainable. We value our vinyl caps, vinyl plugs, and vinyl grips, for their durability, function and true affordability.