About Sustainable Vinyl Products

Harman Corp.'s PVC Grips are used on various types of heavy duty equipment. Many different manufacturers choose vinyl to protect against corrosion, dirt and debris. PVC grips, caps and plugs provide high end durability at low cost.

Let’s discover more about Harman Corp.'s uses for vinyl and its many durable applications.

PVC Products Are Durable

PVC is widely used thanks to it’s great durability. In many applications, vinyl is the only material that can protect and withstand years and years of use. Harman Corp. can create a variety of vinyl caps, plugs and grips to be used in various applications where durability is a must. Harman Corp.'s vinyl plugs, grips and caps are durable and able to withstand all types of use.

PVC vinyl is great for protecting against corrosion. A great example of vinyl caps durability against decomposition is their use on foundation bolts. Large structures such as windmills usually have suspension wires that anchor them to the ground, 2" diameter threads than run to the ground to rods need protection and need to be secures. Vinyl caps are used to retain the threads and protect against corrosion.

Harman Corp.'s vinyl grips are trusted and well known brands, such as John Deere and Craftsman, choose Harman Corp.'s caps, plugs, and grips for applications on their professional grade products.

Vinyl is without a doubt durable and long lasting. You can trust Harman to supply you with durable vinyl caps, plugs, and grips.

PVC Is Recyclable

At Harman, 100% of our non-prime product is recyclable. Harman Corp. is proud to be a participant in post industrial recycling. We don't fill landfills with raw material. Instead, we sell our vinyl so it can be remade into new usable products.

Flexible vinyl's biggest consumer recycling efforts are in roofs. Vinyl mats are also an example of how vinyl is recycled and made into a functional useful product. Harman Corp. makes sure that no parts and products go to waste.

Vinyl is so easily reused and can be put to many great uses through recycling, which is why Harman ensures all of it’s raw PVC vinyl is always be recycled.

PVC Vinyl Products Compounds Are Safe

PVC vinyl is safe for all types of end products and uses, which is why the reliable material is widely used in the toy industry and the automotive industry.

Harman Corp.'s PVC vinyl caps, plugs and grips are:

  • REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals) compliant
  • ROHS (Restriction of Certain Hazardous Substances) compliant
  • Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) compliant
  • Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act (Conflict Minerals Provision) compliant

Harman Corp. makes high-end prime materials and are extremely stable. You can purchase Harman Corp.’s non-phthalate vinyl caps, plugs, and gripsor even request a sample through our product pages. Choose Harman Corp. for safe PVC vinyl parts!