Uses For Domed Plastic Plugs

There are so many uses for Domed Plastic Plugs, customers are constantly finding new ways to apply them. Domed Plastic Plugs are easy to snap in place and we carry a design to remove, if needed. Whether you need dome plugs for safety or looks, you’ll be satisfied with their durability and fit. Discover the most common uses for our dome plastic plugs and enjoy the benefits once you purchase your own.

Dome Plastic Plugs can be used for factory, office and home use on various items. These plugs will help protect against dirt, dust, and moisture from accumulating inside machinery or various objects. Get the longest life out of your everyday household or factory machinery. These dome plugs will lock into metal up to 1/8" thick, and can be easily installed and tapered to a very thin edge. They are best for closing unnecessary holes in products such as chassis. They are also used as cover holes in sheet metal, commonly used in auto bodies.

Additionally, children's toys are a common object that needs plugs to be replaced, such as plastic slides, or play furniture.

Dome Plastic Plugs are simply a great way to make objects look more finished or more stylish as well.