Uses For Plastic Plugs

There are numerous uses for Plastic Plugs and people are constantly finding new ways to take advantage of them. Plastic Plugs are easy to snap in place and some are very easy to remove. Read below to discover just some of the most common uses for our Plastic Plugs.

Plastic Plugs can be used for factory, office and home use on various items:

  • Tube Plugs work great on patio furniture to help protect against dirt, dust, and moisture from accumulating inside
  • Recessed Style Plugs and Flush Style Plugs cover holes in sheet metal, commonly used in auto bodies
  • Many children's toys require plugs to be replaced, such as plastic slides, or play furniture
  • For painting and powder coating, fill in holes and opening before painting projects to get a smooth finish
  • In product production, plastic plugs make objects look more finished or stylish

No matter the requirement, Harman’s wide array of plastic plugs offer the right fit for your next job. Browse our full selection of plastic plugs or request a custom plug for a specific requirement.